| Its main need: to offer an ordering experience that meets the needs of its busy and eager for novelty clientele.

Hi Silvie, could you please introduce yourself as well as your background?

Hi, my name is Silvie and I am the founder of Les Délices de Silvie. I worked for a long time in digital school publishing and I had never dared to imagine opening a restaurant or even working in the restaurant business.

And then, one day, I think I had reached saturation with what I was doing in my professional life, I was bored, and I realized that I still had 20 years to work: that seemed unbearable to me!

Very quickly, the idea came to me to create a restaurant and all of a sudden it seemed possible, everything lined up. In November 2016, I left my job and I started a CAP cuisine. In September 2017, I opened Les Délices de Silvie. I put all my energy into it and everything happened very quickly

SoFood is the online ordering solution that best meets the needs of my customers, and they are very satisfied.

How would you define the concept of Les Délices de Silvie?

Les Délices de Silvie is lunch catering, mostly vegetarian, with fresh, seasonal products.

We really try to highlight the vegetable in all its forms, and cereals too: the idea is to offer a balanced cuisine, which delights our customers and satiates them. The menu changes every week and everything is homemade of course.

What ordering service have you put in place?

We offer take-out, in-restaurant dining, and online ordering. We tried delivery but it didn't work. It was too complicated to manage, and besides, I preferred to focus on satisfying customers who come to the restaurant than on delivery..

Why and when did you decide to launch the online order in your restaurant?

We launched the Online Order in August for two main reasons.

First, there was the demand I felt coming at the time of the deconfinement, with all these health restrictions that made people not want to be stuck in long queues. So I wanted to offer them a fast, simplified shopping experience, and one that took as little time as possible.

The second reason is that we had a lot of people during the confinement and the customers were waiting, there was a lot of waiting. I wanted to offer them a solution that allowed them to make their purchase more quickly. In addition, at Les Délices de Silvie, 80% of our sales are to go.

Why did you choose SoFood to launch your Online Order?

Most of my customers are people who work in the neighborhood and therefore who pay with restaurant vouchers. And precisely, the big strong point of SoFood for me is the possibility of payment by restaurant vouchers, you are the only ones to integrate this solution.

Your solution is the one that was the most in line with the needs of my customers, and they are very satisfied.

What do you think is the biggest added value of SoFood ?

For me, it's really the payment with any restaurant voucher!

What communication actions have worked best for Les Délices de Silvie?

  1. Speech to customers

I systematically presented the solution to my customers when they paid for their purchase, especially to those who had waited a long time or had not been able to get the dish they had spotted because we were sold-out.

  1. Flyers

Another action that works rather well are the flyers presenting our Online Order solution: I distributed them to all my customers.

  1. Social media communication

When we launched the order online, I put the order link in all my Instagram and Facebook posts. Now I do it a little less but from time to time, I re-share the link so they can easily find my online ordering page.



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